History in Action - what's it all about? 

History in Action (CIC) combines the skills and experience of  heritage consultant Trizia Wells and writer/director Mick Martin. Together we help communities to tell their own stories in their own words, sharing their heritage with new audiences and bringing the past to life through performance. That's History in Action! 

Our aim is help people explore and record the lives, characters and events of their community through unique and dynamic performance, public engagement activities and live events. We use the word community in its broadest meaning - a group of people connected by common experience. Whether that experience is rooted in work, leisure or a place, it brings together diverse individuals and their stories.The involvement of community members is absolutely core to the process. Whether onstage or behind the scenes, there's a role for everyone. Every production needs researchers, writers, social media enthusiasts, photographers, costume and prop makers, as well as actors, singers and dancers. 

If you're a member of a community with stories to tell, then why not get in touch and let History in Action help you bring them to a wider audience.

Who are we?

As an oral history specialist Trizia has helped a wide range of communities to record their stories and preserve them for future generations through exhibitions (Recovery? from Flanders to Afghanistan, Leeds Thackray, 2014), digital archives (Rugby League Cares 2017), publications,(Tales of Accrington Market 2018)  and community performance (It's in the Blood! 2017).  Trizia has researched and developed educational films and packages for all ages on subjects such as Partition, (Let's Go Yorkshire), Theatrical History (Heritage Quay, University of Huddersfield) and Industrial Heritage (Amazing Accrington film series). This includes working closely with disabled veterans, Asian women's groups, people with dementia and their carers. Trizia's experience as an access manager for a national museum is invaluable when it comes to working with sensitive topics and ensuring that everyone's voice is heard.   

Mick Martin is from Bradford and since the early 1990s has been writing  for stage, radio and television, with commissions from Mind The Gap, Pilot Theatre, Proper Job, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Hull Truck, Exeter Northcott  and Deptford Albany Theatres. Since 2007 he has also been one half of Bent Architect Theatre where he has written,directed and toured work which combines rigorous historical research and engaging and contemporary writing to create real stories about real people. Such work includes: Broken Time, about the birth of Rugby League  ‘ cracking play – nothing short of civil war in studs’ (The Guardian), England, Arise! about WW1 Huddersfield Socialist Conscientious Objectors and Women Of Aktion, produced in partnership with the academic research department of the University of Leeds. Core to Mick's work is the involvement at all levels of the community whose story he is telling.  Mick and Trizia worked together on It's In the Blood! (2017) where the stories of veteran rugby league players were brought to life by the players themselves, retelling their own tales to a new audience in non-traditional venues such as pubs and community centres.