Women's Work is our current project. We want to explore the working experience of women in Accrington and the Hyndburn district from the 1960s onwards. 


The fight for women's rights began to achieve legislative success in the 60s and 70s with the Equal Pay and Sex and Racial Discrimination Acts amongst others. The first female Minister of State was appointed in 1965 and women were allowed to join the Stock Exchange in 1973. Huge milestones indeed. 

Women's Work

But what was life like for the ordinary working woman in Accrington and the surrounding towns?

What was their experience of equal pay and equal rights at work? Did their career advice reflect the wider choices opening up for women? who were their career role models?  

If you or a female relative worked or lived in Accrington or any of the surrounding towns during these decades, we'd like to hear your stories. 

Follow this link to the Tell Us Your Story page to get started!