Photo Story

We'll be taking lots of photos as the project gets under way - in the meantime here are some to trigger a few memories of working in Accrington fifty years ago! They show just some of the industries and trades in which women were working during the 60s onwards. Perhaps you recognize some of the faces. 

Looking down Blackburn Road

towards the Town Hall and Market  c.1964

Part of the female workforce at Rists Wires in the 1960s. Recognise anyone?

Woolworths moved from 

Blackburn Road to the new 

Broadway shopping area in


Allspeeds were established in

Clayton-le-Moors in 1949 and

are still going strong.

The company that brought the world Ewbank carpet sweepers is still going strong 140 years later! In 1960, the firm had 500 employees. Were you one of them?

Williams Deacon's bank  became Williams & Glyns in 1970.  Did you work in this building?

Did you have to ask your dad or brother to act as guarantor on a mortgage or bank loan?

Did you drive a bus or a cab in the 70s?

We think this is Lynn Procter on the left. Did you know her or her brother at XL Crisps?

Image acknowledgements;

Judith Murphy and the Garth Dawson Archives, Accrington Local Studies Library, Advertising Archives.

All reasonable attempts have been made to contact the copyright holders of all images. You are invited to contact us if your image was used without identification or acknowledgment.

We don't know who this lady is or where she worked - do you?